Natascha's World Map Center (NW Center)


About us


NW Center was set up in 2010, I Natascha Tjon-Kie-Sim am the face behind this company. Since I was a child, I have had a gift, I am a clairvoyant and a card maker. I already have a lot of experience in this work and I was able to help others and they left satisfied and comfortable after I had spoken to them. This good feeling has always stayed with me and of course the gift never left me. In 2010 I decided to set up an official company. My goal is to be able to reach others worldwide and to help them. I wanted to reach a larger group. Nevertheless, I was aware of the reputation of skeptical stories about spiritual sites. But that clearly didn't stop me from achieving my goal and that defines who I am. The goal was to help more than just those in my area or in private.


The spiritual is certainly something beautiful. But a profession remains a profession. If you have never been to a doctor, you cannot tell in advance how you like it. It is no different for a clairvoyant / medium or card reader. Reliability is everything but in every profession and company. Hence the screening for experience and clear vision.


About me


My name is Natascha Tjon-Kie-Sim, I am your card reader. I was born on 15-04-1975, when I started this company I was 35 years old. I am of foreign origin. I was born in the Netherlands and grew up here. But according to a DNA test, I have more than 25 different types of ethnicity in me. So I actually come from everywhere. What I find funny. My goal is to help others in the ways that I can. I have also done a lot of volunteer work with elderly people with dementia and somatic patients. This also always brought great satisfaction and still. I have a son, he is the sunshine in my life. If someone can make you laugh, it's him. My hobby is karoke and nowadays also gaming. Have 2 pets (rabbits), Yin and Yang. You probably understand why I called them that? Setting up this company was a successful goal. But there was another goal, through this site I want to give you awareness and an image. Who I am and what I can offer you. My feeling is certain that I have passed.


WHY THE NUMBER 0909 1515?

Meaning of number 15

Number 15 is a mix of vibrations from numbers 1 and 5. Number 1 refers to a new beginning, activity and assertiveness, tenacity, achievement and success. Number 5 resonates with the characteristics of making choices in life and important changes, flexibility and versatility, resourcefulness, motivation and idealism. Number 5 also relates to doing things in your own way. Number 15 tells about independence, sensitivity, creativity, teaching others and the energy of love.

Angel number 15 is a message from the angels that your ideas and thoughts are encouragements, that you are asked to make some much-needed changes to your life. Your angels encourage and guide you to make positive life choices and they support you through these transitions. Do not fear making these important life changes because in the long run it will turn out to be of great benefit to you and others.




Costs are connected to the readings. Email Tarot readings cost 25 euros per reading, Photo readings cost 15 euros per reading. If you want your reading in English of Spanish, you also have to pay for the translation, this amount is 5,00 euros per reading. For telephone reading you pay per minute 1,00 euros and we will handle everything in the conversation. But a Telephone Consult in English goes with an appointment. So I can prepare for this. For this intensive preparation I will charge 12,50 euros extra. This amount has to be paid before the Telephone Consult. You can make an appointment on 0909 1515 of emailadres: