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Email Reading


We offer email readings. These readings are based on Tarot, Angels, Divination, Oracles and Passion Cards. We can tackle al subjects that you want to cover. These email readings are footsteps to the answers you are looking for.

Telephone Consult

We offer you Telephone Consultation. This consult is based on the cards. While we speak, a map laying is made. A new legging is made for each question. In this way all questions receive specific attention. The leaves that blow in all directions and you do not understand, will have found their place afther the telephone consultation.



NW Center guarantees, quality readings and consultations, reliability (in the capacity on which your reading/consultation is based and confidentiality concerns the information in your reading or your telephone consultation). Everyone active for nwcentre has had to undergo a screening based on skills and clear vision.

Natascha Tjon-Kie-Sim is the face behind NW Center. I have many years of experience as a mapmaker and also as a medium. And recently I have also gained experience in spiritual telephone services. I worked for 6 months for a psychiatric company known for their quality, and it is certain that customers were not dissatisfied with me. The telephone services that I offer are: telephone tarot consultation, telephone angel card consultation, spiritual listening ear and telephone divination consultation. My goal is to help others. I usually work with the mapping of the Celtic Cross with 7 to 10 cards. For each question I always make new leggings until all your questions have been answered. I guarantee that you will be clarified after the consultation and that you will know what the correct action is next. Other spiritual services are: email reading (which includes different types) costs 25 euros or 29 euros and photo reading (including 3 own questions processed and answered) costs 15 euros. These prices are based on the fact that the readings are very extensive (email readings and photo reading) and certainly consist of at least 3 parts. One paragraph will always have at least 8 lines and each part certainly has at least 1 paragraph of information. So you actually pay no more than 7,25 to 8,50 euros per part. Depending on your situation, it is determined how many paragraphs your reading gets. But you never pay more than the fixed price. Components are: 1. 3 cards of your leggings and their meaning 2. answer to 3 specific questions 3. the email reading or photo reading 4. the advice of cardlayer Natascha 5. the advice of the Angels (if it is an angel email reading). I find my prices cheap compared to many other sites of colleagues. You can also apply for individual parts. So that you decide what you want to spend and for what information. for example: you want an angel email reading but only part 3. the reading itself: costs are 7,25 euros. I not only offer quality but also good prices because I want to help.

Call us on 0909-1515 for 1.00 euros per minute.


Opening hours during the week:

Sunday to Thursday:

7:00 am till 14:30 pm in US

8:30 am till 22:00 pm in GB


Opening hours in the weekend:

Friday and Saturday:

7:00 am till 15:30 pm in  US

8:30 am till 22:30 am in  GB


You can also make an appointment by telephone for an email reading or photo reading, within the specified opening hours.


If you want to know more, see the Contact page for how you can reach nwcentre.


Your spiritual counselor is Natascha. For each question I make specific leggings for you. This method also always gives more results.

Prices can be found on the prices page. Always read the Terms and Conditions.