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Email Reading


We offer Email Readings. Contains the content of an email reading. 1. Three laid cards (illustrations) of your leggings and their meaning, 2. the reading and 3. the advice. For this we charge 25 euros per email reading. An angel reading is slightly more extensive with advice from the angels themselves as well. We charge 29 euros for this.


Telephone Consult


We offer you Telephone Consultation. This consultation costs 1.00 euros per minute. You let us know what your questions are and in the conversation a reading is made for each question. Until all your questions are answered.


Photo Reading


We also offer photo reading. The content of a photo reading. Through the photo that you have emailed us and the questions that you have with it. 1. Your questions are answered, 2. Advice is also given. For this we charge 15 euros per photo reading.


Make sure you have read the General Terms and Conditions on the Contact Page carefully. To request an Emailreading or Photo reading, we will first have personal contact about the correct data and the type of reading you would like. For an application you can also call 0909 1515, this costs 1.00 euros per minute. These costs are independent of the price for the reading or photo reading itself. When it comes to email reading and photo reading, we use payment in advance and you have registered then we assume that you have agreed to the General Terms and Conditions. Speak English or Dutch when you call to request an email reading or reading a photo. You will receive it in English. You have to pay an additional 5 euros for this translation. You can choose between an English or Spanish translation. There are no additional costs for a Dutch reading. For an English Telephone Consult you have to make an appointment so I can prepar for it. For this intensive preperation I will charge 12,50 euros extra.

Spiritual Services: Emailreading, Telephone Consultation, Photo Reading


Natascha. Card reader and Medium. She can make a reading for you using the cards.


Angels Reading. If you have problems or need support, the angels can guide you, answer you and be your guide in your process. A angel reading cost 29 euro.


Werewolf Reading. Made with Werewolf cards. Questions about: Divination, Work and Prices are answered here.Cost 25 euro.


Fairy Reading. If you have questions about fertility, there will be clear direct answers from the fairy's. Cost 25 euro.


Shakespeare Reading. If you have questions about someone who has passed away, the shakespeare tarot can be very helpful. Cost 25 euro.


Contact reading. Subject Family, Relations of all kinds. Cost 25 euro.